In my Pop Culture class yesterday, my prof was discussing fandom and she said fandom is something you grow out of after you’re a teenager.

She then spent the remainder of the class discussing fans of all ages, like Trekkies and Star Wars fans, even mentioned a couple she knows who met each other at a convention and eventually got married. She said she hopes they’re not doing this anymore, have moved on and are raising children instead.

My prof also discussed a paper she read where the author claimed women write slash fiction because we can’t envision a man and woman being in an equal relationship together, so we just omit the woman. Her tone made it sound as if she agreed with the topic.

I can’t with this class sometimes, I just can’t.

On the plus side, I was endlessly amused when she kept accidentally calling the Kardashians “the Cardassians.”

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  3. ravenskyewalker said: Well, hell, I’m 45 and apparently fannish for life. I don’t have kids, but am well aware of fans raising kids together with fannish awareness. Also, the fandom that runs conventions is aging — plenty of older people. I’m delighted that they exist.
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    Well, my pop culture teacher is still stuck in the middle ages discussing Matthew Arnold, Louis Althusser and televisual...
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  6. aqueousserenade said: You should rock out as much fandom stuff or say as many pop culture references in front of this professor as you can. Also, how can a professor of pop culture be so misinformed on fandom?? She really thinks everyone at conventions are teens?
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