I originally came up with this idea for the “30 Days of Summer Break Doctor Who” challenge and I’m bringing it back for the “My TARDIS” post on the Doctor Who Tumblr (now with GIFs!):

The TARDIS has to have a candy room, the likes of which would rival Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and Honeydukes combined. Where else do you think the Doctor got all those Jelly Babies from? It would be full of candies from all around the universe.

I can see it starting early, with his first incarnation; he gives Susan her own kitchen because he wants to give her space and help her become more responsible. Being a young person, she slowly fills it up with nothing but junk food. The Doctor keeps it even after she’s gone, clinging to the idea that he’ll return for her one day, and because the TARDIS is awesome, it ensures the candy never goes bad or stale over the centuries. As the years pass, various companions like Vicki, Ben, Polly, Jamie, Jo, etc. stumble upon the room and pilfer sweets, which just encourages the Doctor to keep the room and restock it regularly. It isn’t until his fourth incarnation that the Doctor himself starts making weekly trips to the candy room to replenish his Jelly Baby supply. Even the Master makes a pilgrimage or two to the candy room during his time as Prime Minister, though his abuse of the TARDIS by transforming her into a Paradox Machine meant the candy is no longer being stored in good condition and was stale and old and possibly a health hazard (in no way an act of revenge by the TARDIS, oh no).

Of all the Doctors post-Time War incarnations, it is Eleven who spends the most time in the candy room. Candy is cool.

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